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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lash Growth: Physicians Formula and Revlon

WARNING: THIS IS VERBOSE! I've been doing an experiment, I really want thicker lashes before the school year starts so that when i'm frantically trying to get out of the door I don't have to sit there and put 3 coats of mascara on to get my ideal lashes. My lashes are very cruel...they are sparse in some areas, thick in others...long on one eye...shorter on the other etc. I do not have short lashes and my lashes are a medium thickness. Through looking at mascara reviews i've noticed that some people only have one row of lashes...that's weird...I have at least 2 or 3 rows. Anyways, my lashes are not perfect! I cannot leave with just shadow and mascara, I need liner to boost my confidence. I decided that I would try some lash boosting products, so I picked up Physicans formula eye boost + serum, this is a liquid liner with a serum inside and I really love it! More on the formula later, I will show swatches in another post because the liner itself is amazing. I've been using this in combination with Revlon grow luscious original formula mascara, this product is a wonderful stand alone product as well and I will post pics wearing it in another post and talk about formula. With these products combined, my lashes have thickened! Within the first week of use I noticed baby lashes growing in between my lashes! The pictures below are from exactly 2 weeks of wear. I did not have a before shot of my lashes, but I managed to find a shot of my eye wearing 3 coats of Revlon 3D photoready mascara from the week before I started my little project. Thank goodness I took pics! I apologize for not being able to get the same angle...i'm not trying to trick you or anything. Also, the formula was a lot more wet during the first run and I put a lot of product on the outer lashes because they were so sparse and short. LASHES BEFORE:
Here are my lashes after 2 weeks of continually using the liner and mascara. This is also wearing 3 coats of Revlon 3D photoready mascara:
My lashes are so much thicker! My lashes are a little bit shorter since some of my really old lashes cycled out (they were going to fall out eventually), and my angle is definitely off...but you get the basic idea..this really has had results. It's been three weeks now and my baby lashes are just a little bit shorter than the existing lashes I had, I now only need two coats of mascara to achieve a desired lash look, and my lashes are EVEN! We'll see if they get any longer, I really could care less about length, though.


Hey y'all! So it's been about 6 months since I've blogged last...I deeply apologize for my absence, school just got to be too much and then I realized that summer was here and I had time to blog but I haven't done so! oops. This has given me plenty of time to try out plenty of amazing products and really test them out. I have a job now! It starts in August so we'll see what all I can do, but I have several raves that I simply must tell you guys about! I've been using lash growing products and the results have been amazing, I've also found an HG powder foundation, I've jumped on the Coastal Scents bandwagon and bought some 88 palettes, and I have some fantastic liners and lippies to share. I hope my reviews can make up for my abandonment...Love you guys ad I missed you all the time.