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Friday, September 30, 2011

Tarte The Starlet Limited-Edition Makeup Vanity - purple look

Some photos of my daytime purple eye look from the Starlet:
eyes: Icon applied to lid and blended to the crease, major added to the outer v and the crease. Liner: Sephora smokey kohl liner.
Blush: starlet, rose highlighter on tops of cheek bones

um, lets just focus for a minute on how gorgeous this highlight is!

I loved wearing this look today for work! One thing about these shadows is that some of them say they they are shimmer finish but that's not really the case. Some of them are true shimmer shades but many are mre matte. Major is a beautiful matte finish with slight dimension, i do not consider this a shimmer shade! There are no noticeable shimmers so it looks appropriate for work. These are also very buildable which i love. I'm so excited, i've been wanting some matte purples for FOREVER because they look so chic! made my day!

one great thing about tarte is how well the shadows wear, the shadow above was applied at 6:20 in the morning and I did not touch it up. I did just go ahead and turn this eye look into a smokey eye, however! I had to add a little bit more major to deepen the look

eye: Icon on the lid (applied earlier in the day), major in the crease and outer v, Stardom added to the outer v and blended up into the crease slightly. added Opening night to the liner and smudged it out.

This look isn't too dramatic but I didn't want to cover up the beauiful Icon shade! I thoiught it was going to be a flop but its great! The tarte double ended brush was used to apply these shadows! It picks up and distributes the product so perfectly. Major is so buttery smooth and so is opening night! Opening night is INSANELY pigmented! I love it so much! This looks so much more dramatic in person, my camera really drowns out some of the look.

Here are the swatches of the bottom drawer as promised! I blended them out so you can get a feel of what they would look like on. I LOVE the highlight, best one i've ever used! The color is perfect for my medium skin and it's so buttery smooth that it's almost creamy. sorry highbeam, you had a good run but this you've been replaced.

Thank you for reading! if you have any suggestions for my next look let me know! I think tomorrow will be the pink shades with some winged liner!

As always I do not work for any makeup company, I am not getting paid to review, and I bought this product with my own money!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tarte The Starlet Limited-Edition Makeup Vanity

So i've been waiting all week for this to come! I'm so insanely happy it's here, yall don't even know. I opened this about an hour ago and i've already re-done my makeup, taken photos of the palette, and swatched it! I'm so insanely excited for this, it's so beautiful and such a great value!
There are only a few disappointing shades in this in my opinion. Some reviewers don't like some of the lighter matte shades but I think they're wonderful from what i've seen and swatched. I LOVE the beige matte shade in the trueblood palette so im very excited to have more mattes in my collection! lighter shades also work well for brow bone and inner corners so i'm totally on board with them. The one shade I really don't like is "popular", it reminds me so much of dawn from the trueblood palette in terms of consistency and it's sheerness. The other shade i'm not crazy about is "siren", a shimmering lilac. It was so sheer! The most outstanding shades in my opinion are: The entire smokey eye section, virtuoso, major, fame, VIP, timeless, trophy, prestige, prima donna and leading lady. The other shadows are great, but those are my favorites!

I forgot to swatch the blushes but I will add those soon! they are great colors, though! I'm wearing Glory.
now, a bunch of pictures.

The Starlet meets the vanity. I love how tarte really got the old hollywood aspect of this, it feels like it matches my apt. which was built in 26. Good job tarte! :)

Swatches: TOP ROW
Traditional Smoky Eye: Celebrity (deep shimmering gray), Superstar (deep shimmering silver), Luminary (silver frost), Opening night (sparkling black)

Earthy: Talent (shimmering peach), Idol (matte taupe), Cameo (matte beige), Virtuoso (sparkling forest green)

Swatches: BOTTOM ROW

Plum Smokey Eye: Stardom (blackened plum), Icon (warm lilac), Major (shimmering plum), Siren (shimmering deep mauve)

Blues: Fame (shimmering cobalt), Big Break (shimmering ice blue), V.I.P. (shimmering blue-silver), Toast (shimmering toasted beige)


Browns: Popular (shimmering golden beige), Timeless (shimmering cocoa), Prestige (matte ochre), Trophy (shimmering golden brown)
Pinks: Ingénue (matte baby pink), Prima Donna (shimmering cinnamon), Leading Lady (shimmering nude pink), Diva (shimmering dusty rose)

Shimmering Blue eye look!
I love the V.I.P shade! It reminds me so much of The True Death in the Trueblood palette! The dark blue is gorgeous as well!

I did not take pictures of the bronzer, Starlet blush, highlighter, or mascara and lash primer! Sorry! I have a review on the mascara already so go check it out!

Here's a size comparison between this palette and the trueblood palette!

This is a great value considering the shadows are very large. They are 1 0z shy of a full sized UD shadow.
All in all this was worth the money for so many versatile shades! I love having neutrals to wear to work, this provides many great shadows for work and a few for play! Love this so much.

Have you tried tarte before, thoughts on the Starlet??? Let me know!

I do not work for any makeup company, I am not getting paid for my review, and I bought this palette with my own money!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tarte Soft and Smokey 5 pieces collection eyeshadow quad and brush review

I love you Tarte and make my day!
Here's the review of the quad and the brush! These colors are perfect for soft fall smokey eyes! My camera does not give these colors justice in swatches and pictures on my lids :( They are gorgeous and silky just like other Tarte shadows and they have excellent wear. These don't budge until you tell them to!
Those who might not like this: people wanting more vibrant makeup

Here are the colors: Top left: shimmering buff, Top Right: Shimmering Sable, Bottom Left: Shimmering cocoa, Bottom Right: Matte Coffee Bean

here's the terrible swatch:

eye look with Shimmering sable on the lid, Matte coffee bean in the crease, and shimmering cocoa in the outer V. Shimmering buff used as highlight.

I'm in love with this kit because the colors go so well together! And it's an effortlessly gorgeous look that goes with anything! I love Sable so much, it's a great taupe color.

You know how I had that post about all of my brushes and I went crazy over my eye brushes....well...I have since replaced all of my eye brushes with this one! It's so freakin' perfect! Both sides are dense and high quality, they pick up product well and there is little fallout! They also dispense so much of the color on your lid that you don't even need to wipe it between colors. Amazing. The large side covers your entire lid and you literally just sweep on the color. The small end is great for applying shadows to the crease, the inner tearduct, under the brow, and you can even use it for your outer V. It's really really great and cuts my maekup routine down because i can blend so well with this tool.

Those who might not like this: brush snobs

Tarte is cruelty free, and made without: paraben, phalates, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, and synthetic fragrance.

I do not work for any makeup company, I am not getting paid for my reviews, and I bought this with my own money.

Tarte Lights, camera, lashes

So I've been reviewing my pieces of the Soft and Smokey 5 piece collection from Ulta! It sold out in under 4 days from so the pickings are slim if you want this kit! I love this mascara for a couple of reasons: It goes on FAST, it coats each lash, and its very buildable.
My beloved Covergirl lash blast was just not cutting it for my long days! It would actually start flaking by the time school (work?) ended :( Also Lashblast took me two minutes per eye to achieve nice looking lashes. Totally not worth it. I decided this would be my new mascara, it's expensive but i'd rather not have flakes on my cheeks. I love the formula even though it does not give me as sriking lashes as Lashblast. I love that this is good for my lashes too!

If you want longer lashes this is not the mascara for you, it's more of a volumizing mascara.

2 coats:

As always Tarte's products are cruelty free, and do not contain Phalates, mineral oil, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and it's synthetic fragrance free.

I do not work for any makeup company, I am not getting paid for my review, and I bought this product with my own money.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush in Wonder

Tarte, why must you make products that all knock me off of my feet? Really, you've gotta stop! I have no natural blush to my cheeks and I never really have, i'm just beige...that's it really. Blush also does not last on my face for more than 2 hours max whether it be a cream, powder, or a cream with a powder on top of it! Some how it disappears. Not this blush!
The amazonian clay 12 hour blushes include the hydrating and amazing clay from the amazon river and Tarte has nothing but all natural "high performance" products. Everything that make is amazing quality and they have many kits that are great values.

This came in a kit called "soft and smokey" from Ulta that has 5 full sized products. The color is a peachy pink with a golden sheen (its almost glittery but the effect is luminous. This stays on all day, and I even took pictures for you guys after 12 hours of wear.

APPLIED AT 6AM! picture taken at 6PM! haggard day of teaching and still looking great!

I'm sold, i'm in love! you only need to tap your brush in the pan (lightly) once or twice to get a beautiful lush that goes on super silky and never looks powdery! Do you have Tarte 12 hour blush? What are your thoughts?

I do not work for any makeup company, I am not getting paid for my review, and I bought this product with my own money